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Book 1

"Mad Habits Chronicles"

A multimedia project by Mike Harsch


More Power 2 Us is a multimedia project based on the 2 part book of the same name.

Mike Harsch, takes us along with him as he tries to make a living doing what he loves with meaning and purpose. The journey is full of ups and downs!

Will he manage to overcome his challenges to bring his ideas & dreams to reality...?

"Mad Habits Chronicles"

In this first book in the series, MH revisits his story and experiences.

From a rough childhood, to street hustles, to his adventures from France to Europe all the way to NY and LA as "Dj Mad Habits", working with his teenage heroes, touring and selling his merch hand to hand as he "Connects People".

He then falls into tech and startups and lands in the Bay Area, Silicon Valley, before coming back to France to partake in events organization, with a detour into Crypto and Web3 as he finally sits down to write this book...

This memoir / self help book dives deep into the mind of a creative entrepreneur on the field navigating our ever evolving world and the challenges one faces when choosing a different kind of path.

Is it even possible to make a living doing something we love?

And if so, what does it take?

Find out more in the full length book, dropping Summer 2024.



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MORE POWER 2 US - Book 1 - "Mad Habits Chronicles"

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