My name is Mike Harsch, some might know me as "Mad Habits".

I am proud to finally present this idea to the world!

This project involves: Stories & Conversations. Inspiration, Motivation & Tools...

We are:

The Dreamers & Believers, The Fighters & Survivors, The Creators & Creatives,

The Founders & Entrepreneurs, The Hustlers & Go-getters...

Everyday People. Like you & I.

This project is dedicated to those of us who:

Choose to "Take the first step with faith..." following "the road less travelled". 

And overcome setbacks and obstacles, in pursuit of our dreams.

Come along with me as I try to make a living doing what I love with meaning and purpose.

The journey is full of ups and downs!

Will I manage to overcome my challenges to bring my ideas & dreams to reality...?

Time will tell!

But you can help me in the process!

Pre-order my first book below!

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Want to know more about what's inside?

Watch videos of the recording sessions of the Audiobook. And read a preview copy of the book including the preface, the summary, the first 2 chapters, as well as an excerpt from Chapter 3...

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